The advanced imaging area is concerned with the application of high technology to improve the diagnosis and treatment of patients.

We are focused on three major imaging areas;

  • CMR (cardiovascular magnetic resonance), which uses radio waves and magnets to take images of the heart, and is extremely safe because it avoids X-rays. We have installed a state-of-the-art CMR scanner and, with a dedicated team of expert physicists and clinicians, we are developing new ways to diagnose heart abnormality and assess risk.
  • Interventional heart technologies – our state-of-the-art catheter laboratory, which has a range of imaging technology, will enable us to image the coronary arteries in ultra-high resolution from the inside, as well as determine the causes of electrical instability in the heart.
  • Echocardiography, which uses safe ultrasound to image the heart.

Research areas

  • Development of new ways of integrating advanced heart imaging techniques to improve the diagnosis of heart disease, understand underlying mechanisms with a view to identifying new treatment targets, and providing an early assessment of the long-term outcomes of new treatments.
  • Real-time 4D image integration of intravascular, projection and cross-sectional imaging to improve the efficacy and safety of advanced endovascular interventions, such as ablation of abnormal heart rhythms, valve implantation and injection of stem cells into the heart.