Medical human resources team

 The medical human resources team works across both our hospitals but is based in the HR department at Royal Brompton. The team is responsible for the recruitment of all medical staff as well as ensuring all pre-employment checks are completed. 

Royal Brompton

  • Cardiology – Hammersmith Hospital
  • Paediatrics – Hillingdon Hospital, Northwick Park Hospital and Chelsea & Westminster Hospital
  • Surgery – Charing Cross


  • Cardiology – Hillingdon Hospital and Mount Vernon Hospital

  • Surgery – Northwick Park Hospital and Royal Berkshire Hospital

  • Transplant Medicine – Hillingdon Hospital and Barnet & Chase Farm Hospital

Successful applicants are required to be cleared fit to practise by our occupational health department and attend a new entrant screen on their first day. They will also need to be cleared by the Criminal Records Bureau at an enhanced level before starting. 

All SHOs attend an induction on their first day at the Trust and this will provide an opportunity to meet your fellow colleagues and complete part of your mandatory training. Specialist registrars and clinical fellows who join the Trust part way through a month will attend the next available induction as these are not scheduled every month.

Mandatory training which is not completed on induction day can be booked through the learning and development department.

Honorary contracts

Why we issue honorary contracts

If you are coming to work at the Trust without a paid contract then we will issue you with an honorary contract. We are bound to issue these contracts to visitors to the Trust. If you are a clinician, researcher, manager or in any other role and you join us for the purposes of education and/or to gain experience we will give you a contract of this type.

In addition, if your clinical interaction, research activity or period of education or observation involves Trust employees or patients; or the use of their organs, tissue or data then we are bound to issue with an honorary contract.

This is to ensure you are bound to take proper account of the NHS ‘duty of care’; and that the Trust, in turn, discharges its own ‘duty of care’ for the individual.

Authorisation procedure

The table below lays out how we authorise honorary contracts.

Table 1.0 Level of authorisation required for medical applicants

Staff group



Consultants (Section 2.1)

Consultants (Section 2.3)


Not required

Not required


Clinical Director,

Med/Assoc Med Director/

Director of Operations

Trainee medical staff (Section 2.4)

Consultant/Hon Consultant (Section 4.1)

Clinical Director

Clinical/non clinical observer (Section 2.2 and 2.5)

Consultant/Hon Consultant (Section 4.1)


Sponsor, Clinical Director, Clinical Director, Med/Assoc Med Director/Director of Operations

Senior nurses (Section 2.7)

Senior nurse or consultant

Director of Nursing & Quality

Junior nurses (Section 2.7)

Ward Sister

Senior nurse or general manager

Non clinically qualified research staff (Section 2.6)

Head of department/Consultant/Hon Consultant

Directorate Manager/Appropriate Head of Profession

Other non-medical staff (senior)(Section 2.7)

Head of department or consultant

Director of Nursing & Quality or Director of Operations

Other non-medical staff (junior)(Section 2.7)

Designated Line Manager

Head of Department/General Manager

Before you start working with us

Before you begin working with us you must:

  • undergo a health check

  • undergo a Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) check if you work in clinical areas and have access to children and vulnerable adults.

  • If you are from overseas then you must also provide a certificate from your home country (translated into English where necessary) confirming you do not have any criminal convictions.

If you are joining on a short-term appointment then a CRB/police certificate may be bypassed.

To gain an honorary contract you must have a sponsor and be properly inducted on commencement of their contract.

Standards of conduct

We apply certain standards of conduct to all our employees, whether they are honorary or substantive. When you join us we will expect you to uphold standards in relation to:

  • clinical competencies and practice

  • infection control

  • clinical governance

  • risk management

  • diversity policy (inc. harassment and bullying at work)

  • whistleblowing

  • health and safety and associated policies

  • radiation protection procedures

  • confidentiality

  • no smoking

  • research governance

  • disciplinary and grievance policy and the relevant appeals procedures.

The human resources department can supply detailed copies of any relevant policies.

As an honorary appointee you will also be required to comply with the Trust’s policies regarding core behaviours; to comply with working practices specific to the departments and/or directorates within which they work, and to all standards relevant to their professional group.

How to complete an application

The types of honorary contracts are covered in the Honorary contracts policy, and if you wish to make an application for a contract an application form must be completed and submitted to the sponsor with the applicant's current CV. Once the application has been completed, signed by the sponsor and authorised, it should be submitted to the human resources department.

Please note that contracts will not be issued unless all the relevant sections have been completed and all supporting documentation is attached.

You can download the documents required on the honorary contract documents page below this one.

Table 2.0 Summary of required documentation

Applicant Grade

Professional Registration

OH Form


CRB Requirement

ID Check

Non Clinical Observers

(Section 2.2)




Statement from home country (if non-UK resident) confirming no criminal convictions*



Consultant/ non-consultant clinical staff from other NHS trusts (Section 2.3)




Previous Disclosure and new CRB check, 2 items to confirm current address*


Clinical Fellows (SHO, SpR)

(Section 2.4)




Previous Disclosure and new CRB check, 2 items to confirm current address*



Clinical observer (Section 2.5)




Previous Disclosure and new CRB check or statement from home country (if non-UK resident) confirming no criminal convictions*



Non-clinical researcher (Imperial)

(Section 2.6)






Nurse or other non-medical applicants with patient contact (Section 2.7)




Previous Disclosure and new CRB check, 2 items to confirm current address.*