Preceptorship programme

The Trust’s year-long preceptorship programme, which begins on the day you join the Trust, prepares you for your career in nursing. 

Throughout the programme, you will be supported by your preceptorship lead, preceptor, practice education team and ward manager. 

The programme includes six core study days (across both sites), as well as other specialism-specific days. 

You will be expected to attend the study days and take responsibility for your own learning by completing various workbooks, including: 

  • the medicines management workbook
  • the preceptorship workbook
  • a ward handbook 
  • the cardio-respiratory competencies workbook. 

Continuing professional development

Once you’ve completed the preceptorship programme, you can continue to develop your cardio-respiratory nursing career by taking advantage of the many learning opportunities available to nurses at the Trust. 

For example, there are clinical study sessions, and online modules accessible via the Trust’s library and Learning Management System.

You may wish to apply to join the rotation programme, which enables nurses to gain experience across the spectrum of cardio-respiratory specialities. 

You may also be eligible to apply for external courses, which include:

  • bespoke study days
  • individual university modules
  • MSc degrees, including the cardio-respiratory nursing MSc. 

As your career develops, you may be given the opportunity to take part in the various leadership development programmes, which help prepare nurses for senior nursing roles within the Trust.


For more information about the preceptorship programme, contact: 

Sonia Mendonca - Sister for nursing development
Telephone: 020 7351 8841 ext. 8841
Bleep: 6123