Asthma and allergy

Royal Brompton and Harefield hospitals has an active research programme in both asthma and allergy (who work closely with colleagues in paediatrics). The asthma and allergy group is led by Professor Stephen Durham and Dr Andrew-Menzies-Gow, and includes consultants, senior academics, research nurses and other research staff.

Asthma research

Current research on asthma is focusing on the definition of various characteristics of severe asthma and in defining biomarkers for asthma sub-phenotypes in both children and adults. There is a special interest in defining the different inflammatory profiles of asthma, the importance of the airway microbiome and the characterisation of exacerbations of severe asthma.

An active programme to obtain airway cells by fiberoptic bronchoscopy is in place with a focus on characterising the transcriptomic profile and epigenetic signals in the airway epithelial cells and airway smooth muscle cells of severe asthmatics. 

The consortium is also involved in new treatments for severe asthma with a particular interest in the definition of corticosteroid-insensitive asthma and the potential for reversal. We are also involved in trials of new treatments involving bronchodilator and anti-inflammatory approaches.

Allergy research

Current projects in allergy include:

  • basic research into the cellular and molecular mechanisms of rhinitis
  • allergen immunotherapy (wasp/bee venom, anaphylaxis and allergic rhinitis)
  • development of new treatments including pharmacotherapy and immunosuppressive therapy
  • plant allergy
  • peanut allergy.