Research office

The research office is located in Chelsea wing on level 2. The research team is available to offer support throughout the research process, including;

  • research funding, grant applications and communications
  • industry-funded research
  • non-commercial research
  • research regulation, governance and compliance
  • research information systems and statistical services
  • patient and public involvement

The teams

Research development team

Laura Henderson

Role: Research development manager
Telephone: 0207 352 8121 x2107 

Laura’s current role is primarily in grant and fellowship mentorship for all active Trust researchers. She also leads a communication team which broadcasts Trust successes in research. 

Laura began working in an NHS research and development environment in 2004 as a trials coordinator and has since taken up various roles covering trial management and research governance. With a background in biochemistry, she is also undertaking an MSc in clinical research.

Sara Ahmed

Role: Research development coordinator 
Telephone: 020 7351 8579

Sara’s current role is supporting Trust researchers in grant and fellowship applications. Sara is also involved in costing for academic and clinical research and disseminates funding opportunities amongst Trust researchers. 

Sara holds a BSc in Medical Sciences and an MSc in Dementia Research.

Zahra Aden

Role: Research communications
Telephone: 020 7351 8575

Zahra works to promote and design ways to best communicate the research that is carried out at the Trust to various stakeholders, including our partners, funding bodies, patients and the wider general public. Her work involves organising ways to present research findings through news stories, audio podcasts, and events for patients and the public

She is also the lead for patient and public involvement (PPI) in research at the Trust, with several years experience in managing disease-specific patient groups and facilitating a platform for researchers to discuss their research with patients and the public. 

Zahra also manages the research section of the Trust internet.

Industry-funded and non-commercial research team

Patrik Pettersson

Role: Non-commercial research business manager
Telephone: 0207 351 8736

Patrik leads a team of three in the non-commercial team who advise investigators and their teams about research governance, NIHR processes, compliance and other research-related issues including financing and contracts. 

He has several years of experience in research governance and before Royal Brompton & Harefield NHS Foundation Trust he worked in various large London NHS trusts including Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust and University College London Hospitals. 

Susana Pina

Role: Clinical Research Facilitator
Telephone: 0207 351 8574

Susana’s current role is in study set up, governance review, costings and contracts, as well as supporting the delivery and recruitment of industry-sponsored research studies. 

Since 2010, Susana has worked within the NHS in a variety of roles including feasibility studies, non-commercial research contracts and management of participant recruitment data in different research and development environments.  

Educated to a master’s level at Goldsmiths College, London, Susana also regularly attends meetings, seminars and training relevant to clinical research as well as research and development.

Nevan McNichol

Role: Clinical research facilitator
Telephone: 0207 351 8572

Sandra Guzaviciute

Role: Clinical research facilitator
Telephone: 0207 352 8121 ext 2744

Hamida Ali

Role: Clinical research facilitator
Telephone: 0207 352 8121 ext 2336

Jade John

Jade's role is to support the management team with administrative duties, as well as maintaining the general office supplies.

Role: Research administrator
Telephone: 0207 351 8831

Research regulation, governance and compliance team

Ira Jakupovic

Role: Research governance and regulatory compliance manager
Telephone: 0207 351 8109

Ira is primarily responsible for the set up and maintenance of the quality management system (QMS) to ensure appropriate oversight, management and administration of clinical research in the Trust. 

Ira provides advice to all researchers initiating Trust-sponsored clinical trials of investigational medicinal products (CTIMPs). She assists with:

  • writing study protocols
  • negotiating study-wide contracts
  • obtaining ethics and regulatory approvals
  • compliance with regulatory requirements.

Ira is responsible for audit and monitoring of all clinical research in the Trust. She is supported by the Clinical Research Oversight Committee (Clin-ROC) which oversees clinical delivery of research within the Trust. Ira holds a BSc in biochemistry and microbiology, and an MSc in molecular biology.

Ryan Jones

Role: Tissue governance manager
Telephone: 0207 351 8709

Ryan works within the quality and safety team to oversee high-level compliance with the Human Tissue Authority’s (HTA) licensing requirements and tissue governance frameworks. 

He ensures that relevant statutory and regulatory requirements across all licensable sectors are met, and issues are resolved in a timely manner. 

Ryan is a former biomedical scientist, who has also worked in research and the private sector, and is experienced in working to Human Tissue Authority (HTA), Clinical Pathology Accreditation (CPA), ISO manufacturing and Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) regulations.

Veronica Tudor

Role: Trial manager
Telephone: 0330 128 8854

Veronica has a scientific background and before starting her current role she worked in the European Medicine Agency’s pharmacovigilance department and as clinical research associate at a Contract Research Organisation (CRO) specialising in central nervous system research.

She was previously the Trust's regulatory compliance officer, responsible for the monitoring of all Trust-sponsored studies, ensuring that they were conducted, recorded and reported in accordance with good clinical practice and applicable regulatory requirements.

Veronica’s current role is as Trial Manager.

Research information systems and statistical services

Peter Lloyd

Role: Research information and systems manager
Telephone: 0207 351 8773 

Peter has been a technical IT specialist in the healthcare sector, primarily in the NHS, since 1995. His expertise lies in identifying and creating systems solutions which include:

  • database design and development
  • internet and extranet implementation
  • application security. 

He is responsible for all information management systems used in the research office and manages the research sections of the intranet and extranet.

Winston Banya

Role: Statistician 
Telephone: 0207 352 8121 x3384  

Winston, who has an MSc in medical statistics, joined the trust in 2008 as medical statistician. 

He worked previously at MRC Laboratories in the Gambia (West Africa) and at Imperial College, London. Winston is heavily involved in the design and analysis of Trust studies. 

He has contributed to the publication of several important scientific papers in reputable journals and also provides teaching, in collaboration with Imperial College's NHLI staff. 

Contact Winston for statistical services early in the design and planning phase of new studies or to support the analysis of research projects.

Research team support

Paula Rogers

Role: Research nurse manager
Telephone: 01895 823737 x3575

Paula joined the Trust in 1989 and secured her first research nurse position in 1994. Following several years undertaking research with patients in the transplant unit, Paula worked in the pharmaceutical industry in a research development role. 

Paula returned to the Trust in 2010 and works at Harefield Hospital. She provides mentorship to the research delivery team which includes nurses, physiologists and physiotherapists. Paula has secured two small grants which have allowed her to become Principal Investigator for her own studies. 

She works closely with the Research Quarterly Forum to develop meeting agendas which reflect the learning needs of the Trust’s research delivery team. Paula has a BSc in Nursing, an MSc in Advanced Nursing Practice and sits as an expert member of a Research Ethics Committee.