How patients and the public can get involved

Royal Brompton and Harefield hospitals is dedicated to involving patients, carers and the public in the design, execution and dissemination of our research and in raising public awareness and interest in our work.

Why we involve patients and the public

We aim to involve patients, carers and the public in decisions about how we carry out our research so we can make sure:

  • our research focuses on the health improvements important to patients
  • treatment that may result from research is acceptable to patients
  • research is designed so that patients who take part have the best possible experience.

Who we involve

Patient and public involvement focuses on people with a 'lay' interest in lung and/or heart research and this includes:

  • people living with related health conditions, their carers and relatives
  • patient representative organisations
  • patient groups
  • people who have taken part in clinical research or are currently participating
  • members of the public
  • schools and colleges
  • science organisations and institutions working for the public.

How we involve patients, carers and the public

We are always looking for new and innovative ways of involving patients and the public in our research. We currently involve patients, carers and the public in the following ways:

  • reviewing research proposals
  • reviewing patient facing documents such as patient information sheets and consent forms
  • attending research meetings
  • advising on public engagement events
  • taking part in steering group meetings for research projects
  • reviewing requests for access to tissue samples
  • helping to promote and run public engagement events.

If you are interested in finding out more about getting involved in shaping our research then please email us.