Research funding

Funding opportunities 

The research development team works closely with investigators to identify opportunities and develop applications for research funding agencies. Details of external research funding opportunities relevant to clinical areas are regularly disseminated to our staff. To receive these notifications, please contact us by email specifying your professional background and your particular area of interest.  

Royal Brompton and Harefield Hospital Charity funding

In partnership with the Charity, the Research Office offers three internal funding opportunities:

  • The Charity-funded Fellowship Programme which funds NMAHPPs (nurses, midwives, Allied Health Professionals, healthcare scientists, pharmacy staff and psychologists) to undertake up to 12 months of research in order to develop their research skills and produce data to win further funding.
  • The Research Management Fund which is available for research teams within our hospitals to apply for funding as a means of pump priming research infrastructure or a research project. 
  • The Clinical Academic Career Development Programme which funds 50% of a junior clinical academic role for 12 months. The award is made to the applying clinical department who must financially support the additional 50% of the post. 

Click here to view the specifications for these funding programmes.

Funding support 

In order to maximise the success of our academic and investigator-initiated commercial grant applications, the research development team provides staff with support throughout the development of a research grant or fellowship, from inception to submission.  

This support includes:

  • guidance on the most appropriate funding scheme for your research
  • partnership management of collaborative applications where our hospitals are the lead
  • developing project budgets and full economic costs
  • oversight of non-scientific content on applications
  • how to appropriately embed patient and public engagement activities 
  • statistical guidance in both the design and analysis phase
  • Approvals and signatories
  • Cost attribution (see AcoRD and SoECAT links below)
  • Contracting with academic funders
  • Communicating successful awards / awardees

If you would like to discuss an idea or upcoming application, contact the research development manager, 0330 128 8121 ext 2017 (internal extension 82107) in the first instance.

Research costs 

To find out more about the Department of Health and Social Care’s framework for attributing costs on a research funding application, please visit our page on AcoRD (Attributing the costs of health and social care Research and Development). 

To understand the requirement for completing a Schedule of Events Cost Attribution Template (SoECAT) at grant application stage, please visit our page on SoECAT.