For Researchers

Types of research

There are different types of research, including ones involving medicinal products and medical devices. 

Research funding

There are many research funding opportunities available to researchers depending on their professional background, career history and area of interest.  

Setting up a research project

Before a research project can begin, we need to ensure that the project is compliant with applicable research legislation, including the DH Research Governance Framework (RGF). 


The Research Governance Framework requires that all research being carried out within our hospitals, involving our facilities, patients, their tissue or data, must have a Sponsor.

Health Research Authority (HRA) and ethics approval

HRA Approval is the process for the NHS in England that brings together the assessment of governance and legal compliance.

Managing a research project

Once approved, we have an obligation under the Department of Health’s Research Governance Framework (RGF) to ensure that research projects continue to be conducted in line with regulatory requirements. 

Intellectual Property (IP) management

The Intellectual Property policy describes the ownership and management arrangements for IP emanating from our hospitals and its discretionary reward to Inventors scheme for any commercialisation revenue. 

Research training and education

We ensure that staff are well supported, trained and, if appropriate, supervised in their research endeavours. We offer a variety of research training sessions as well as opportunities for research staff to meet and share best practice and research experiences. 

Patient and public involvement for researchers

Patient and public involvement and engagement (PPI) is an important part of research and all researchers are actively encouraged to include it in their research.