Patient and public involvement

We are dedicated to involving patients and the public in the design, execution and dissemination of our research and in raising public awareness and interest in our work through a range of education and media activities.

We are keen to involve patients and the public who are interested in contributing to the future development of our research work through our patient groups and public forums.


This is where people are actively involved in research projects as lay members.

We aim to actively involve patients and the public in our research by seeking their advice and expertise on research projects to ensure we continue to produce high-quality research focused on patient benefit. If you would like become involved please contact us.


This is where information and knowledge about research is shared with the public.

It is important that research reflects and considers the interests and aspirations of society at large. For this to happen, research must be in the public domain so that it can encourage people to become better informed, to give their views and, for some, to become researchers of the future. To join our mailing list and be updated on upcoming events please contact us.


This is where individuals take part in a research study.

We are keen to ensure that information on all our research is available in an accessible way and that participating in research is an easy and straightforward process offered as part of routine care. You can find a list of our active studies here.