Infection prevention

A nurse with a patientWe know that coming into hospital can be a difficult time. Anxiety about hospital-acquired infections such as MRSA and Clostridium difficile can add to your worries. We take the prevention and control of infections very seriously and have an excellent record in preventing and treating them. 

We make sure preventing infections remains a top priority through our dedicated team of healthcare workers. They are responsible for upholding the highest standards of hygiene in our hospitals. 

Here you can read more about the infection prevention and control team, different infections, how we reduce the risk of infections spreading, and what you can do to help. 

The infection prevention and control team

We are a group of specialist nurses, doctors and support staff dedicated to promoting a safe environment for all patients, staff and visitors.  

The team provides support, education and advice to doctors, nurses and other healthcare workers in the Trust on the investigation, treatment, prevention and control of infections.

We work across both sites and can be contacted through the two hospital switchboards.

The team

David Arrowsmith
Matron, infection prevention and control 

Dr Nehal Draz
Consultant microbiologist and infection control doctor

Lisa Ryan 
Matron / senior nurse, infection prevention and control

Dr Saraswathi Murthy
Infectious diseases and micobiology consultant 

Julie Jackson-Hales
Senior clinical outcomes analyst, infection prevention and control

Sue Brown 
Administrator, infection prevention and control 


Infection prevention and control (Harefield): 01895 828 571

Infection prevention and control (Royal Brompton): 020 7351 8455