Care of children with cystic fibrosis 2017

The 7th edition of these guidelines has been written by members of the Royal Brompton Hospital Paediatric Cystic Fibrosis Team. Contributors over the years include:

Saji Alexander, Khalid Alshafi, Anna-Karenia Anderson, Ian Balfour-Lynn, Siân Bentley, Roger Buchdahl, Fran Beresford, Diana Bilton, Cara Bossley, Nicola Bridges, Sarah Brown, Andrew Bush, Siobhán Carr, Eve Cartwright, Nicola Collins, Christina Courtney, Jacqui Cowlard, Finella Craig, Jane Davies, Katie Dick, Emma Dixon, Jane Docker, Sarah Elkin, Amanda Equi, Jackie Francis, Frances Goodhart, William Grant, Jo Gregory, Gabriela Grigore, Chris Grime, Alex Handford, Jonny Harcourt, Aoife Harrington, Angela Harris, Laura Hayers, Karen Henney, Tom Hilliard, Nicola Hirsch, Sam Irving, Mary Jurd, Khola Khan, Wanda Kozlowska, Kenny Macleod, Su Madge, Sukeshi Makhecha, Angela McCullogh, Andrea McKee, Patricia McNamara, Donna McShane, Caro Minasian, Sarah Moledina, Nicola Murray, Michelle Nightingale, Adam North, Suzie Nolan, Caroline Pao, Sarah Pike, Michèle Puckey, Lucy Reed, Mark Rosenthal, Silke Schelenz, Nick Simmonds, Wynne Smith, Helen Spencer, Vikki Stone, Pat Stringer, Rivanna Stuhler, Jenny Turner, Andy Turnbull, Kate Vasey and Carole Wingett.

2nd to 7th editions were edited by Dr Ian Balfour-Lynn

1st edition (1994) was edited by Dr Pat Oades.

These guidelines are based on published evidence as well as the extensive clinical experience of our paediatric CF team. This is how we do things, but it does not mean that other regimens are necessarily wrong just because they are different. We are delighted for other centres and other countries to use them with the above proviso. Patients who come to the Royal Brompton Hospital, either for full or shared care, will all be looked after using these guidelines.

These guidelines have been endorsed by the New Drugs and Clinical Guidelines Group of the Royal Brompton & Harefield NHS Foundation Trust in November 2016.

If there are any comments, queries or errors noticed, please email Ian Balfour-Lynn,

Next revision will be published in 2020 so this edition should not be used after that date. Please destroy all 2014 editions.

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