Other CF clinics

The choice of where you want to go after you leave the children's CF clinic is entirely up to you. Most people choose the centre closest to their home.

You are welcome to choose any adult centre. 

Remember, paediatric and adult CF services are different. As an adult you are in charge of your care – all decisions about your treatment will be made with you (with help from your parents if that is what you want). Unlike children’s services, adult CF services do not provide any form of shared care. All clinic visits take place at the specialist CF centre. This may mean having to travel to the nearest specialist CF centre by train or car, so check out the parking availability, travel details, and travel times when you make your choice of adult CF centre. 

We recommend that you have a look around before you decide.

Barts and the London adult CF clinic - East London

As well as providing a service in London, this CF team holds a specialist CF clinic in Southend.

Clinics are held on: Mon (emergency review only), Tuesday and Thursday mornings, Wednesday and Friday afternoons. Homecare is also available.

CF centre director: Dr Lieske Kuitert 
Senior CF nurse specialist: Mark Butler

Tel: 020 8980 4433 (bleep 1960)
Tel: 020 8983 2442 (direct line and answer phone - if you leave a message they will respond within 24 hours)

Papworth adult CF clinic, Cambridge

Clinics are held on: Monday Wednesday and Friday segregating by sputum. Homecare is not available. 

CF centre director: Dr Charles Haworth
Senior CF nurse specialist: Samantha Henman

Email: CFUSN@papworth.nhs.uk
Tel: 01480 830541(bleep 980)  
Voicemail: 01480 364833

Churchill Hospital adult CF clinic in Headington, Oxford

The Oxford team runs one clinic weekly - either on a Tuesday or Thursday morning. They provide some homecare.

Consultants: Dr Lesley Bennett and Dr Stephen Chapman
CF nurse specialists: Lisa Priestley, Holly Bowtell and Sandra Green 
(24-hour answer phone): 01865 225713

Southampton General Hospital adult CF clinic

Clinics are held on: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday afternoons. Homecare is also available.

Consultants: Dr Julia Nightingale, Dr Mary Carroll and Dr Thomas Daniels
CF nurse specialists: Tes Hodson and Chrissy Forder
02380 796801

Kings College Hospital adult CF clinic, South London

Clinics are held on Tuesday and Thursday mornings depending which bugs you grow in your sputum. Annual reviews are held on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday mornings. Homecare is available. 

Consultants: Dr Caroline Elston and Dr Felicity Perrin
CF nurse specialists: Yvonne Burns, Rebecca Heise and Alison Williams
020 3299 4934