Cardiology pre-admission service

Cardiology pre-admission service

Before you are admitted to Harefield Hospital for your procedure, you will need to attend a video or telephone pre-admission appointment.

We see around 2,550 patients each year who have been referred for numerous different procedures, including angioplasty, ablation, cardioversion, TAVI (transcatheter aortic valve implantation) and insertion of cardiac devices. 

Your pre-admission appointment

Your pre-admission appointment helps to ensure you are fit and ready for your procedure. It can also help us identify any any issues or concerns which may need to be addressed before you have your procedure

You will have your pre-admission appointment with a nurse, who will talk to you about the procedure, what to expect when you are admitted to the hospital, and address any questions or concerns you may have.  

COVID-19 and your procedure

If you are being considered for a cardiac procedure, your healthcare team believes that the benefits of your procedure outweigh any risks.

To limit the chance of admitting patients to hospital who have COVID-19 but display no symptoms of the disease, we are testing all patients before admission to check if they are carrying the virus. This is to ensure that we keep you as safe as possible and reduce the chance of spreading the virus to other patients and staff.

For more information please refer to the leaflet you will have received about COVID-19 testing. An online version of the leaflet will be made available shortly.  


Telephone: 01895 828 827