Rehabilitation and therapies

We provide all the Trust’s therapy and psycho-social services, meeting the support needs of patients at both our hospitals.

The team, led by the director of rehabilitation and therapies, supports our clinical colleagues by working with their patients. In addition, our specialist clinicians work closely with primary and secondary care providers outside our hospitals to provide on-going support to patients after discharge.

Therapy team

This includes speech therapy, nutrition and dietetics, physiotherapy and occupational therapy, all of which are offered to patients as appropriate, to aid their physical recovery and development.

Psycho-social team

This includes social services and welfare rights, adult health psychology, psychiatry and chaplaincy. Our team offers support to patients and their families, to help them cope with their condition and maintain their independence.


The directorate office can be reached at the following numbers:

  • Royal Brompton - Tel: 020 7351 8079, Fax: 020 7351 8990

  • Harefield - Tel: 01895 823 737 x5259, Fax: 01895 828 501

More information: