Our lung services

Royal Brompton and Harefield hospitals are world leaders in the diagnosis, management and treatment of lung disease.

Our work

We are home to the largest cystic fibrosis centre in the UK, treating both adults and children, often treating patients from childhood well into adulthood. We participate in national and international research with the aim to continually improve the management of CF and the lives of patients.

The asthma and allergy care group has a national and international reputation for clinical excellence, innovative research, and the development of novel asthma and allergy diagnostic and treatment pathways. The teams in the asthma and allergy care group provide an immediately accessible local service for asthma, allergy and occupational lung disorders. 

Our teams run the largest interstitial lung disease clinic in the UK, with expertise in the specialist management of a wide range of these interstitial and rare lung diseases, such as Idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis, sarcoidosis and drug-induced lung disease.

Royal Brompton Hospital has an international reputation for its work with patients experiencing sleep disorders, and for its pioneering work in domiciliary ventilation (providing respiratory support at home). Our service for sleep-related problems is one of the largest in Europe. 

Patients are referred to us by GPs and other hospitals for the diagnosis and treatment of cancers of the chest. We work closely with other hospitals to provide all the care our patients need, including chemotherapy, radiotherapy and follow-up care.

Lung surgery

If you are coming to us for lung surgery, watch our lung surgery videos to find out more about what to expect.