Children's cardiac care

The children's cardiac care service is a team of experienced doctors and nurses who specialise in the care of children with heart conditions, including:

Innocent heart murmur

An innocent heart murmur is a noise that can be found in perfectly normal hearts.

If we listen to children’s hearts in ideal quiet conditions, innocent murmurs can be heard in most of them. These murmurs come and go and vary with breathing, with heart rate and with the position of the child.

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Small ventricular septal defect

If your child has been diagnosed with a small ventricular septal defect (VSD), we want to help you understand about the condition and how it will impact on your child's life. 

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Cyanotic (blue) spells

Children with some types of heart problems can have what is called a blue (cyanotic) spell. This is more frequent in children with Tetralogy of Fallot.

Cyanosis is the bluish tinge that can be seen on the nail beds and the skin, especially around the mouth and on the lips.

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Caring for your children

The children's cardiac care team consists of clinical nurse specialists (CNS) in fetal cardiac care, children's cardiac care, electrophysiology and transition care. Each nurse is highly trained and experienced in caring for children with cardiac disease.

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