Inherited cardiovascular conditions: frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

These are some of the most asked questions we get from our patients: 

  1. I have a question about my outpatient or clinic appointment at Royal Brompton Hospital?
    For queries relating to day case appointments in the mezzanine outpatient department, or the cardiology  department, please contact the ICC schedulers by calling the Royal Brompton switchboard on 020 7351 8121 extension 82919. 

    For queries relating to follow-up appointments in Fulham Road wing, please call the appointments departments on 020 7351 8121 extension 88011.
  2. Where is my clinic letter? 
    Clinic letters are typed by the secretary for each named consultant and sent to patients, their GP and professionals outside Royal Brompton Hospital.
    Please contact Dr Prasad's PA by calling the Royal Brompton Hospital switchboard on 020 7351 8121 extension 82495 for letters for patients seen within the cardiomyopathy clinics (Dr Prasad and Dr Daubeney). 
    For patients seen by Dr Till, please contact Dr Till's secretary on 020 7351 8121 extension 88569. 
    For patients seen by Dr Pantazis please contact Dr Pantazis secretary on 020 7351 8121 extension 82491. 
  3. I have a question regarding my investigation appointment? 
    Newly referred patients attending one of the day case clinics will have some routine investigations (echocardiogram, 24/48 hour holter monitor, MRI scan, exercise test and routine blood tests) arranged on the day of the appointment by the ICC schedulers. 
    Some patients will not have all these investigations - they will be arranged depending on your need. 
    For queries about these investigations please call the ICC schedulers by the Royal Brompton Hospital switchboard on 020 7351 8121 extension 82919 if you are unsure which investigations you will have. Results of these investigations will be discussed with you during your appointment and if the results are not immediately available, the results will be included in the letter to your GP. 
    If you would like to discuss your investigations results after your appointment you can contact the clinical nurse specialist team on 020 7352 8121 extension 82205 (children) or extension 88823 (adults). 
    Some investigations will be requested on an outpatient basis following your initial consultation. These are arranged by your consultant's secretary so questions about such investigations should be directed to the relevant secretary via the Royal Brompton Hospital switchboard on 020 7351 8121. 
  4. I need parking at Royal Brompton Hospital - who do I contact? 
    There are limited car parking facilities located at Dudmaston Mews that can be reserved (subject to availability) by calling 020 7351 8012. There is also additional pay and display parking facilities in Foulis Terrace, just off the Fulham Road and in Cale Street. An NCP car park can be found on Sydney Street, in close proximity to the main hospital entrance. As parking is limited, where possible please use public transport. 
    If you or your child requires hospital transport please speak to your GP to arrange this. 
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  5. My child, relative or I have symptoms that I think may be related to their/my heart - who do I contact? 
    Please contact the paediatric ICC clinical nurse specialists by calling the Royal Brompton Hospital switchboard on 020 7351 8121 extension 82205 to discuss your child's symptoms. 
    For adults experiencing symptoms please call the adult ICC clinical nurse specialists on extension 8823. If there is no answer, please leave a message and someone will get back to you. Please leave your name and a brief message, including your date of birth and hospital number if you know it. 
    Alternatively please speak to your GP who will advise also. If you have symptoms or illness that you believe are not related to your heart, please contact your GP. 
  6. My child, relative or I is being admitted to a ward in Royal Brompton Hospital - who do I contact regarding this? 
    The paediatric schedulers arrange admissions to our children's wards (Rose ward and paediatric intensive care) and are contactable on 020 7351 8121 and ask for bleep 1256. 
    The adult schedulers arrange admissions to our adult wards (Paul Wood, York and Alex wards) and are contactable on 020 7351 8121 and ask for bleep 1166.
    They will be able to answer questions about yours, your child or family member's admission. If clinical information is required they will forward your call to an appropriate health professional. 
  7. The cardiologist recommended a new prescription or a change of prescription during my last visit, what happens next?
    Following your outpatient appointment, a letter will be sent to your GP asking them to increase the dose of your existing medication or to initiate a new medication. 
    Once your GP receives this letter, they should provide you with a new prescription which can be dispensed from your local pharmacy. 
  8. I was told family member/s require familial screening - how do I organise this?
    Your family member will need to ask their GP for a referral letter to the ICC service at Royal Brompton Hospital. We can give you a letter for your family member to pass to their GP to facilitate the referral. Please contact the ICC clinical nurse specialist team for this letter. Referrals should be addressed to the named consultant and sent to the ICC schedulers. 
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  9. My child, relative or I am scheduled for a procedure/operation at another hospital or surgery, and the physicians there need information from Royal Brompton or Harefield Hospital about my care - what do I do? 
    The physician at your local hospital should communicate directly with the relevant medical team at Royal Brompton or Harefield Hospital for information or additional advice. Please ask them to contact your consultant cardiologist through their respective secretary.
  10. My child, relative or I have been admitted to a hospital A&E department and the doctors there need information - how do they get this? 
    Please ask the doctors taking care of either you or family member in the A&E department to contact the on-call cardiologist here at Royal Brompton Hospital for information or advice.
  11. My child, relative or I am currently an inpatient in another hospital and are waiting to be transferred - can the nurse specialist team help with this?
    Unfortunately, the ICC nursing team are unable to facilitate or speed up the transfer process. This is done through the doctors and bed co-ordinators at each hospital. Please ask the medical team or nurses looking after you or your relative to make contact with the on-call cardiologist or bed co-ordinators at Royal Brompton Hospital.