Keep taking ACEi and ARB medication during COVID-19 outbreak

Patients who take angiotensin converting enzyme (ACE-i) inhibitors or angiotensin receptor blockers (ARBs) are recommended to keep taking them during the
COVID-19 pandemic.

We are making this recommendation in response to speculation in the press and on social media suggesting a potential connection between the use of these medications and the risk and severity of COVID-19 infection.

Dr Vas Panoulas, consultant cardiologist at Harefield, said: “There is no sound scientific basis or evidence to support this speculation and, based on all the current evidence, we advise all patients who have been prescribed these medications to continue taking them unless they are specifically advised to stop by their medical team.”

This advice is provided together with the organisations listed below, which recommend continuation of these medications in patients with both heart failure and hypertension during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Until further notice, we therefore recommend that you continue to take all the medication you have been prescribed for your heart condition.

Advice from other organisations:

A joint statement by The British Cardiovascular Society (BCS) and British Society for Heart Failure (BSH):

The Renal Association:

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