Cardiac catheter laboratories


Royal Brompton Hospital

Third floor, Sydney wing 

Harefield Hospital

Main X-ray department 


The cardiac catheter departments operate Monday to Friday with routine cases.

Royal Brompton Hospital

The Royal Brompton site comprises four cardiac catheter laboratories that use cutting-edge technology to carry out a variety of procedures including for paediatric patients, grown-up congenital heart patient studies, electrophysiology, pacemaker devices and coronary intervention.

There is currently one single-plane, two bi-plane imaging systems and a stereotaxis laboratory. This pioneering technology combines both X-ray imaging and magnetically steered catheters and represents Royal Brompton Hospital’s continued commitment to remaining a centre of excellence for the UK.

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Harefield Hospital

Harefield Hospital's catheter laboratories consist of four rooms (one screening room, two fixed laboratories and one mobile laboratory) and a mixture of single-plane and bi-plane angiographic equipment.

They are staffed by doctors, nurses, radiographers, cardiovascular technicians and healthcare assistants. A variety of procedures is undertaken within the department. These range from diagnostic X-rays (angiograms), revascularisation interventions (PTI), to insertion of permanent pacemakers and internal defibrillators or complex electrophysiology procedures.

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Department heads

Royal Brompton Hospital 

Dr Tom Wong, director of catheter labs

Harefield Hospital 

Dr Charles Ilsley, director of catheter labs