ICC referrals

This page is aimed at GPs, paediatricians, cardiologists (adult and paediatric), and general physicians, who want to refer a patient to our ICC service. You can refer your patient if they have:

  • symptoms suggestive of an inherited heart condition
  • a family history of an inherited heart condition
  • a confirmed diagnosis of an inherited heart condition
  • a sudden death in a family suspected to be caused by an inherited heart condition
  • cardiac screenings of individuals born with disorders or syndromes associated with cardiomyopathy or arrhythmia.

Referrals should be sent directly to the named consultant, or rbh-tr.ICC@nhs.net, after which they will be passed on to one of our listed consultants. They will then make a decision about which hospital (Royal Brompton or Harefield) and clinic the patient will be seen in.

If you need to discuss a referral you should call 020 7351 8103.

We are not part of the Choose and Book system so written referrals should be sent either to the ICC scheduler or a named consultant.

The postal address for referrals is:

Named consultant
Royal Brompton Hospital
Sydney Street


Named consultant
Harefield Hospital
Hill End Road

Referrals of in-patients, Monday to Friday, 9 am to 5 pm

To refer a patient admitted to a hospital you should contact the Royal Brompton Hospital switchboard on 0207 352 8121 and ask for: 

  • the paediatric on-call cardiology registrar for children
  • the adult electrophysiology (EP) on call registrar for adults.

These contacts cover both Royal Brompton and Harefield hospitals.

Our listed consultants

Adult cardiomyopathy

Dr Antonis Pantazis - consultant cardiologist (Royal Brompton and Harefield Hospitals)

Dr Sanjay Prasad - consultant in heart failure and imaging (Royal Brompton Hospital)

Dr John Baksi - consultant cardiologist specialising in cardiomyopathy and CMR (Royal Brompton Hospital)

Dr Sanjay Kohli - consultant cardiologist (Harefield Hospital)

Paediatric cardiomyopathy

Professor Piers Daubeney - consultant in paediatric cardiology with a special interest in cardiomyopathy (Royal Brompton Hospital)


Dr Jan Till - consultant electrophysiologist (Royal Brompton Hospital)

Medical genetics

Dr Tessa Homfray - consultant medical geneticist (Royal Brompton and Harefield Hospitals)

Get advice about known patients, Monday to Friday, 9 am to 5 pm

For patients already known within the ICC service, you can contact the ICC administrator on 020 7351 8103 or email them at rbh-tr.ICC@nhs.net. They will put you in touch with the relevant medical or nursing professional.

Out-of-hours contacts

If you need to speak to someone between 5pm and 9 am, please call the Royal Brompton Hospital switchboard on 0207 352 8121 and ask for:

  • the paediatric on-call cardiology registrar for children
  • the on-call general cardiology adult registrar.

Advice and non-urgent referrals

If you need advice on whether a patient should be referred, or a patient who has already been referred, contact the ICC administrator on 020 7351 8103 or rbh-tr.ICC@nhs.net.

You can also call the ICC clinical nurse specialist team at Royal Brompton Hospital on 0207 352 8121 ext 82205 (paediatrics) and ext 88823 (adults) or the ICC clinical nurse specialist team at Harefield Hospital on 01895 828 729.

ICC Contact sheet (pdf, 2.4MB)