Call if concerned

If you're concerned about a patient who is on one of our wards, please call us.

You can contact us if you:

  • are concerned about a patient's care and wellbeing
  • notice that the patient's condition is getting worse
  • have already spoken to the ward nurses and doctors
  • think there is confusion about what needs to be done for the patient

Contact us


Royal Brompton Hospital: 07971 301 358

Harefield Hospital: 07855 986 074


If you are put through to answerphone, please leave a message and include:

✓ the patient's name

✓ the name of the ward

✓ a brief description of your concern

✓ what has already been done

✓ your name, contact details and relationship with the patient

We will:

  • visit the patient to check on their condition
  • talk to medical staff and other health professionals as needed
  • agree actions with the staff looking after the patient

If the patient gives us permission, we'll call you back to let you know the actions we have taken and tell you how the patient is.

This call can be at any time, including during the night.

Our service is run by a team of senior health professionals.