Information for children

What you need to pack

Just bring comfortable clothes with you, but make sure your parents pack things like your toothbrush and toothpaste, any other washing things, your slippers and nightdress or pyjamas.

You can bring your favourite toy, but we have many books and toys in hospital. Please make sure anything you bring in is labelled so it does not go missing.

Hospital food

You may not be looking forward to someone other than your parents making your meals, but we think our cooks make some very tasty food.  It is served from a trolley in the playroom (except for breakfast, which is in the kitchen).

You can choose from different meals by using our menu card, which we will give you before. If you would like kosher, halal, Asian or vegetarian meals, please tell the nurse when you come in.

We provide milk, orange and lemon squash to drink. It is a good idea to bring any other favourite drinks and snacks in with you. We can store fresh fruit juices in the fridge in the ward kitchen.

Having your parents with you in hospital

Parents are very welcome to stay overnight with you, but we understand that not every mum and dad will be able to. 

If your parents want to stay we can either find room on the ward for them, or, if that is full, they can stay in the same building you will be in, or in the South Parade Block, just a five minute walk away in the Fulham Road.

Your brother or sister can stay with them if there is room. Your parents will need to ring a few days before to book this space, which is provided free of charge, by telephoning 020 7351 8044 and asking for Accommodation.

What happens on the ward

There is a ward round every day with some of the doctors who are looking after you. On Rose Ward, doctors come around once a day between 9am and 6pm.

Ward rounds may seem a bit boring, but the doctors have to know how you are getting on and they may need to examine you and ask some questions.

If you are on the intensive care unit the doctors come round twice every day. Because there are four beds in each bay here and conversations can be overhead, all parents are asked to leave while the doctors discuss the four children. 

Of course they will happily speak to your parents after the ward round. Normally these are between 9 and 10.30am and 5 to 6pm.

If you need an operation

If you are going to have an operation we need your parents to understand as fully as possible what the operation involves. We ask your parents to sign what is called a consent form before an operation and some other procedures. This is your parents’ opportunity to ask all the questions they like.

They can also ask another doctor to give them his or her views. This is called a second medical opinion and the consultant in charge of your treatment will be happy to arrange this. If your parents want to see your medical records they should speak to your consultant.

Bedtimes and wake up times

Children on Rose Ward go to bed at around 8.15pm so please try to be in your bed area by then.

We try to be flexible for teenagers but their times must be agreed with the ward when they come in - their usual bedtime at home is normal.

Wake up time for the ward is between 7.30 and 8am and all children need to be up for the doctors’ ward round at 9am and ready for school, if they are going there, by 10am.