Thoracic surgery

We offer surgical treatment for patients with benign conditions as well as suspected, or diagnosed thoracic surgical oncological pathologies.

We welcome all referrals from the local population and all the district general hospitals for diagnosis, staging or surgical treatment of cancer.

As a specialist thoracic tertiary referral centre, we also accept referrals from other national and international hospitals, either for a second opinion or when our specialist expertise is required.

Our consultants

Harefield Hospital

Mr Vladimir Anikin       
Tel: 01895 823 737 ext. 5584

Ms Emma Beddow 
Tel: 01895 823 737 ext. 5935

Royal Brompton Hospital

Mr Simon Jordan        
Tel: 020 7352 8121 ext. 8559 

Mr Eric Lim                   
Tel: 020 7352 8121 ext. 8591

Mr Michael Dusmet    
Tel: 020 7352 8121 ext. 8228

Our consultants are expertly supported by our clinical nurse specialists in cancer, surgery and ward staff, and the rehabilitation and therapies team among others.

Care for all types of thoracic pathology

This thoracic unit offers comprehensive surgical care for all types of thoracic pathology.

Lung cancer

  • Standard pulmonary resections (wedge excision, segmentectomy, lobectomy, pneumonectomy)
  • Reconstructive lung surgery including sleeve bronchial resection and resection and reconstruction of major vessels
  • Extended lung resection for locally advanced lung tumours
  • Surgery for superior sulcus tumours (Pancoast Syndrome)
  • Direct cryosurgery of peripheral tumours when conventional methods of treatment are not applicable
  • Endobronchial cryotherapy for patients with inoperable lung cancer
  • Palliative bronchial stenting in patients with inoperable lung cancer involving a major bronchus

Metastatic lung tumours

  • Open and thoracoscopic (keyhole) metastasectomy
  • Direct cryosurgery to metastatic lung tumours alone or in combination with surgery.
  • Endobronchial cryotherapy or stenting for endobronchial metastases

Oesophageal cancer

  • Surgical treatment of oesophageal cancer
  • Treatment of complications of oesophageal surgery
  • Surgical treatment of benign oesophageal pathology including re-do surgery

Chest wall pathology

  • Resection and reconstruction of the chest wall for primary or secondary malignant tumours.
  • Conventional surgery for congenital deformity of the chest wall
  • Pectus carinatum or excavatum repair without the use of metal bar
  • Minimally invasive repair of pectus excavatum (Nuss procedure)

Video-assisted thoracic surgery

  • Bullectomy and pleurodesis for spontaneous pneumothorax
  • Diagnostic and therapeutic procedures  for pleural effusions
  • VATs lung resections
  • Sympathectomy for palmer axillary facial hyperhydrosis, facial flushing, Reynaud’s disease


  • Diagnostic and therapeutic thoracoscopic or open pleural biopsy and pleurodesis.
  • Extra pleural pneumonectomy in selected group of patients

Other interventions

The thoracic department offers a full range of operative interventions in patients with inflammatory diseases of the chest, emphysema, chest trauma and other thoracic surgical pathology.

One of the unique features of this unit is a significant collective experience and excellent team spirit which allows a comprehensive discussion of unusual or complex cases, leading to optimal treatment plans.

Information for patients