Lung function testing using a Spirobank SMART spirometer

Lung function tests are an important part of our clinical review of patients with a respiratory condition. In light of the Covid-19 pandemic, face-to-face routine appointments have been reduced, and replaced with telephone and video consultations. As part of this, we are introducing new ways for patients to measure their lung function at home, so that they can record and send the results to their healthcare team. 

Switching to a Spirobank SMART

If you have not already, please fill out this form to express your interest in using a SMART spirometer:

  • The Spirobank SMART spirometer uses bluetooth to connect to a smartphone via a free Android or iPhone app 
  • It automatically records your results on the app, accurately taking into account your age, height, weight, gender and ethnicity
  • Home monitoring can help keep you safe during the pandemic by reducing the number of journeys and visits to the hospital you have to make for lung function tests. 

Sending in your results before your appointment