Home oxygen service at Harefield Hospital

Clinic summary

The home oxygen service, based in Harefield Hospital, provides comprehensive assessment and reviews for patients with long-term respiratory or cardiac disease referred for consideration or management of home oxygen. This includes both long-term oxygen therapy and ambulatory oxygen therapy. 

The service provides multiple clinics that run each week.

Clinical lead and clinical team

  • Dr William Man – consultant respiratory physician 
  • Dr Samantha Kon – consultant respiratory physician
  • Melanie Palmer – highly specialist physiotherapist
  • Liz Fletcher - highly specialist physiotherapist
  • Charlotte Bowen - pulmonary rehab and oxygen assessment coordinator
  • Ola Omitoyin – administrator in ambulatory respiratory care

Provision of acute oxygen therapy

All members of the clinical team can provide acute home oxygen, via the webpage if the patient lives in Hillingdon or London or using the home oxygen order form A if they live in Hertfordshire/Buckinghamshire or Berkshire. 

This allows prescription of a static concentrator or a large static cylinder. You will not be able to order ambulatory oxygen. 

This form is suitable to supply temporary oxygen prior to a formal assessment by an oxygen service before hospital discharge or for the provision of palliative oxygen.

It is the responsibility of the prescribing clinician to complete a risk assessment form and to ask the patient to sign a consent form (IHORM).

The prescriber should also explain that the patient will be formally assessed for oxygen therapy once their condition has stabilised and that oxygen therapy may be withdrawn in the future.  

Long-term oxygen therapy assessment

The patient will be offered an assessment by the oxygen co-ordinator. Assessments are completed on the day-case ward at Harefield Hospital by a member of the home oxygen assessment team.  

Ambulatory oxygen therapy assessment

The patient will be offered an assessment by the oxygen co-ordinator and will be seen in the physiotherapy department at Harefield Hospital. The assessment involves a number of walking tests.

All patients known to the oxygen service will be periodically assessed, to review their use of and need for oxygen therapy.


Patients can be referred either externally or internally via the referral form, which should be faxed to 01895 828 889.

Contact details

Telephone: 01895 828851
Fax: 01895 828889