Sleep and ventilation outreach service

The Outreach Ventilation and Tracheostomy team is an integral part of Royal Brompton’s sleep and ventilation service.

Led by consultant nurse Debbie Field, this team of nurses, physiotherapists and physiologists work alongside our sleep and ventilation consultants to provide multidisciplinary input for our patients.  

With over 250 patients, this service provides at-home or in-care facilities to those who have complex chronic respiratory conditions and need mechanical ventilation through a tracheostomy tube or mask ventilation.  

This allows patients to be treated in their own homes and reduces the need for hospital admissions. The service is flexible and responsive to individual patients’ needs.

There are six main strands of our service:

  • Assessment and setup of domiciliary non-invasive ventilation (NIV), either in or out of the referring hospital.
  • Assessment and management of patients requiring cough augmentation.
  • Management, discharge support and ongoing care of long-term tracheostomy invasive ventilation (TIV) patients.
  • Weaning advice and support to other hospitals for both NIV and TIV patients.
  • Management, discharge support and ongoing care of long-term and complex tracheostomy tube patients.
  • Rapid response service to those long-term ventilation patients who become medically unwell in the community.

To refer a patient to the Outreach Ventilation and Tracheostomy team at Royal Brompton Hospital, please fill in the referral proforma (see link below) and email it to:

On receipt of the referral, the patient will be discussed at our weekly MDT meeting and actioned within 2 weeks of the referral.

Referral form for sleep and ventilation outreach service (Word, 98KB)