Governance and quality

Our team works to ensure patients receive the highest quality of care possible, by monitoring the way we work and our systems and looking for ways to improve them.

Areas we examine to ensure we are working efficiently and to the highest standards include:

  • consultation and patient involvement
  • clinical risk management
  • clinical audit
  • research and effectiveness
  • staffing and staff management
  • education, training and continuing personal and professional development
  • the use of information about patients’ experience, outcomes and processes

Key governance personnel

Dr Richard Grocott-Mason - interim medical director

Joy Godden - director of nursing and clinical governance

Dr Elizabeth Haxby - lead clinician for clinical risk (Royal Brompton Hospital)

Dr Jeremy Mitchell - lead clinician for clinical risk (Harefield Hospital)

Overview of the governance and quality department

The governance and quality directorate is charged with ''enhancing the safety and quality of the services the Trust provides'', by ensuring co-ordination of the work that goes on in the following areas:

Clinical audit and information

Co-ordinating and advising directorates on clinical audit projects, clinical outcomes, databases and indicators.

Clinical risk and risk management

Monitoring incident reports, investigating incidents and advising on patient safety.

Performance and information management

Reviewing and reporting on the Trust's performance against national and local targets.

Patient and public involvement

Co-ordinating and enhancing the role of patients and others to provide feedback, input and involvement in the way our services are run. Find out more

Patient advice and liaison service (PALS)

Set up in every trust since 2002, offering a confidential and informal service to patients and careers. Find out more

Tissue governance

Ensuring that the Trust is compliant with each of our Human Tissue Authority licences. Find out more

Research and development

Ensuring that principles of good research governance are followed in every research project set up in the Trust. Find out more

Infection prevention and control

Keeping the incidence of hospital infection to a minimum and dealing effectively with any infection problems and outbreaks. Find out more


Overseeing and co-ordinating the formal and verbal complaints received by the Trust. Find out more.

Relevant publications:

Department of Health (2001) Building a safer NHS for patients

Integrated Governance Handbook 2006