The finance team provides financial, information and procurement services to all parts of the Trust.

Services include corporate analysis and reporting functions:

  • Provision of all board, committee and external financial reports
  • Management of budget, and income and expenditure reporting to budget holders
  • Responsibility for management forecasts and analysis
  • Income planning, pricing, and management of credit control
  • Costing and benchmarking of activity

We are also responsible for financial management functions:

  • Production of the NHS annual accounts
  • Ensuring the integrity of all accounting processes, procedures and outputs
  • Managing cash, capital, fixed assets and balance sheet accounts
  • Payment of supplier accounts
  • Research accounting
  • Managing financial systems
  • Finance staff development


Royal Brompton Hospital:
Tel: 020 7351 8243
Fax: 020 7351 8883

Harefield Hospital:
Tel: 01895 823737
Fax: 01895 828821