Advanced nursing team - heart and lung

Nurses around machinerySome of our advanced nurses work across both our heart and lung divisions and some work across our two hospital sites: 

Blood transfusion

At both Royal Brompton and Harefield hospitals, we have a clinical nurse specialist for blood transfusion. Their focus is to train and develop staff skills and promote and implement safe and evidence-based practices in managing blood transfusion. 

Children's services

Our children's services provide fantastic treatment and care to children with a variety of heart and lung conditions. This includes our fetal cardiology service, which diagnoses heart conditions in babies before they are born, and we carry on caring for patients until they are 16, before transitioning them to our adult services. 

Nurses talking Diabetes

Some of our patients not only have heart and lung conditions, but also other conditions that need to be cared for as well. For those who have diabetes, we have specialist nurses who can support patients with diabetes during their time with us, both clinically and personally. 

Infection prevention and control

We take infection prevention and control very seriously, and have a dedicated team of healthcare professionals at both hospitals who lead to make sure we care for our patients in a clean and safe environment. 

Pain management 

We have a team of nurses who specialise in pain management to help other healthcare professionals care for patients who suffer from acute or chronic pain. They work closely with all our nursing teams, ensuring that their services can be accessed by patients whenever they need.  

Nurses laughing in corridorSurveillance of surgical site infections

Our specialist nurses in this area help other healthcare professionals make sure that accurate and current data is kept on any wound infections so that they can provide the right care to patients. 

Tissue viability

The aim of this service is to help nursing and other clinical staff provide prevention and management of pressure ulcers, leg ulcers, complex wounds and all aspects of skin care. 


Our clinical nurse specialists in this area work across both hospitals and support our transplant patients at various stages in their transplant journey.