Advanced nursing team

As a specialist Trust, we employ a large number of specialist nurses. Collectively they are known as our advanced nursing team and are divided into four areas:

  • Nurse consultant
  • Lead nurse
  • Clinical nurse specialist
  • Advanced practitioner

These specialists have all undertaken a post-registration qualification in their chosen speciality.


Nurse consultants are educated to Masters (MSc) or PhD level, while lead nursesclinical nurse specialists and advanced practitioners will all hold a BSc and either hold or are working towards an MSc. 

In some cases, equivalent years of experience will take the place of a formal MSc in the relevant field. In addition, nurses at advanced practitioner level will have or are working towards either a planning and scheduling professional accreditation or an advanced nurse practitioner qualification. 

In this section

If you want to find out more about what our advanced nursing teams do on a daily basis on our wards, use the links on the right-hand side to find out more. 

Our teams are divided into three main areas - those who work in cardiothoracic (needed for heart and lung patients) areas, cardiac-specific areas and respiratory specific areas. You can read more about the specific responsibilities they have on the wards, as well get to know some of our amazing clinical nurse specialists and advanced practitioners.