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Switch off of paper referrals from GPs

As part of the new NHS standard contract, we now only accept referrals from GPs to consultant-led clinics through the e-RS. Faxed or paper referrals will be rejected and will not be posted.

Find out more about the returns process (PDF, 462KB)

After 31 August, all paper referrals will be rejected. The referring GP will be informed within two days that their referral has been rejected. It will then be the responsibility of the referring GP to resubmit the referral using e-RS.

NHS e-Referral service

If you wish to refer a patient, you can do it using the NHS e-Referral service (e-RS).

You can view available appointment slots and book the appointment before your patient leaves the surgery. If there are no clinic slots are available via e-RS, you can still refer your patient to us by selecting the ‘defer to provider’ option on e-RS.

If the patient wants to arrange the appointment outside of the surgery, please make sure you give them their booking reference number and e-RS password.         

If you can’t find a service on e-RS, you can search for the condition or review the general service and the sub-specialty. 

As a specialist provider, some of our services are not offered by direct booking. These services can be accessed by emailing the referral to:

Royal Brompton Hospital:

Harefield Hospital:

The e-RS is available for the following clinics:

Harefield Hospital

Royal Brompton Hospital

2 week wait rapid access respiratory clinic

2-week wait rapid access respiratory clinic

Adult cardiology arrhythmia

Adult allergy clinic

Adult food allergy clinic

Adult food allergy clinic

Adult general respiratory

Adult general cardiology clinic

Adult respiratory – sleep apnoea service

Adult general respiratory medicine clinic

Coronary risk factors clinic

Adult heart failure clinic

Familial hypercholesterolaemia genetic screening service

Allergy clinic (adult)

General cardiology (adult)

Atrial fibrillation rapid access evening clinic

Heart failure clinic

COPD clinic

Occupational and environmental respiratory disease


Rapid access AF clinic

Military cardiology

Rapid access sleep apnoea service – for vocational drivers

Occupational and environmental respiratory disease


Paediatric allergy clinic


Paediatric cardiology


Paediatric respiratory medicine


Sleep disorders, sleep apnoea and CPAP clinic

Consultant to consultant referral

Consultant to consultant referrals to our service can be sent via an email address to one of these email addresses:

Royal Brompton Hospital:

Harefield Hospital:

In the event of system failures, we may accept a faxed new patient referral using the fax numbers below:

Royal Brompton Hospital: 020 7351 8028

Harefield Hospital: 01895 828 695

Please note that these options are only for outpatient clinics held at either Royal Brompton or Harefield Hospital. Referrals for all other services must be submitted in the normal way.

Tertiary referral form

As a tertiary centre, Royal Brompton & Harefield NHS Foundation Trust is reliant on referring providers to forward 18-week data, particularly with regards to clock start.

The Department of Health has devised an inter-provider transfer administrative minimum dataset (IPTAMDS) by which referring providers can transmit 18-week information.

We ask that all tertiary referrals made to this Trust are accompanied by an IPTAMDS form. Please complete this form and send it to the Trust with the usual standard letter. IPTAMDS data can be emailed to the following secure email address -

If you are unsure who to direct the referral to, please go to our consultants pages.

Royal Brompton & Harefield NHS Foundation Trust will ensure that for all patients transferred out to another provider an IPTAMDS form is supplied to the recipient trust. 

Referrals to the inherited cardiovascular conditions service

Find out more about making a referral to the ICC

Nuclear medicine referrals