Education and training

We have training facilities at our Royal Brompton and Harefield sites, giving access to clinical staff in up-to-date training and teaching. 

We believe that training is a crucial part of the work we do at our hospitals. Our continued commitment to providing up-to-date training means that our patients are receiving the best possible care. 

Clinical teams are able to receive training in various complex procedures and crisis management to better equip them in their roles. Our training is internationally renowned, with teaching from experts in their fields, and attendees from around the world. 

Use the links on the right-hand side to find out more about our training centres, our current courses, and how to book a room. 

Discover our online education platform

Royal Brompton & Harefield Hospitals Education is an online platform that gives healthcare professionals all over the world access to a range of educational and training content, including expert talks, events, courses and bespoke clinical training opportunities, delivered by our specialists. Find out more about the platform. 


Training videos

Watch a series of training videos filmed at our training centres to support the training we offer.