Occupational lung disease referrals

Our referrals

We see any cases of suspected occupational or environmental lung or airway disease.  

We are an NHS service and accept patients from occupational health providers, primary care and hospital-based clinicians from anywhere in the UK.

Our services

  • first appointment date within four weeks of receipt of a referral letter
  • fast-track assessment available on a case-by-case basis
  • inhalation challenge testing facilities (specific and non-specific)
  • in-house peak-flow analysis
  • advice and support by telephone (020 7351 8341) or email 
  • workplace visits and studies on request 

Our department includes an ISO-accredited laboratory service dedicated to specific antibody and aeroallergen measurement for occupational and environmental issues. It is the only UK site carrying out beryllium lymphocyte proliferation tests. 

Specific investigations and occupational asthma?

We may use the following tests in the assessment of suspected occupational asthma: 

Making a referral?

We need a referral letter from a doctor, occupational health practitioner or other allied healthcare professionals, addressed to Professor Paul Cullinan, Dr Jo Szram or Dr Johanna Feary. You can also us the e-referral system.

Please include the patient’s full name, date of birth, current address, telephone number and GP details.

Clinical secretary direct phone: 0207 351 8341

Your patient

We aim to see referred patients within four weeks of receiving a referral. We will endeavour to see more urgent cases as soon as possible, on request.

If you have any further queries, Professor Paul Cullinan, Dr Jo Szram and Dr Johanna Feary will be happy to advise on specific cases.

Peak-flow measurement advice

Our clinical nurse specialists can be contacted for help with peak-flow recordings. Please email Julie Cannon or Bernadette Fitzgerald.

Occupational lung disease team


Department of Occupational and Environmental Medicine
Emmanuel Kaye building
1B Manresa Road

Telephone: 020 7351 8341