Formulary process

As a specialist provider serving patients from across the South of England, the Trust does not publish a restricted formulary list. Instead, the Trust issues clinical guidelines to support practitioners in the appropriate use of medicines within their speciality. 

Requests for new drugs are presented to the New Drugs and Clinical Guidelines Group (NDCG), following a standard procedure and completion of relevant paperwork, and must be accompanied by at least two peer-reviewed papers and guidelines on use and administration.

Once approved by the group, the request must go to the Medicines Management Board (MMB) for ratification. Following ratification, the medicine will be available in the Trust for prescribing under specified conditions.

If a medicine has been approved through a NICE technology appraisal, there is no need for a full submission to NDCG, but relevant NICE documentation should be submitted for approval.

Recent NICE technology appraisals are noted as a standing agenda item at both the NDCG and MMB. If relevant to the Trust’s specialties, they will be available for prescribing.

The Trust adheres to the North West London integrated formulary when initiating medicines, which are intended to be continued by general practitioners.

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NICE formulary adherence checklists

NICE formulary adherence checklists 2016/17 (pdf, 419.3KB)

NICE formulary adherence checklists 2015/16 (pdf, 440KB)