Long-term ventilation

Clinical nurse specialists

  • Jemma Bridger
  • Jade Wrightman

Jemma and Jade work in the Children's Long-Term Ventilation (LTV) Service, a multidisciplinary team with expertise in paediatric intensive care, advanced respiratory and ventilatory management, and complex discharge planning.

Services include:

  • Supporting the discharge home of children dependent on ventilatory support

  • Advising on complex care packages

  • Establishing patients on portable ventilators

  • Producing ventilator weaning plans

  • Providing training to community-based health professionals involved with children on LTV

The LTV team works with a network of neonatal and paediatric intensive care units, high dependency units, paediatric wards, local hospitals, children's centres and hospices throughout London and the South East region.

Contact details

Telephone: 020 7352 8121 extension 4411