Harefield Hamsters Transplant Club

People who are waiting for an organ transplant, or who have had a transplant, often find it reassuring to speak to people who have been in the same situation. 

The Harefield Hamsters Transplant Club supports people who have had or who are awaiting an organ transplant, and their families and carers. It provides support, information, and recreational and sporting activities to help with rehabilitation and overall health. 

Founded in 1982 by a small group of heart transplant patients while at the fifth British Transplant Games in Cardiff, the club has grown considerably. In 1996 the club gained charitable status. 

Throughout 2017/18, members of the club have taken part in various fundraising events, such as a 100km walk on the Isle of Wight and sky diving. Funds raised have contributed to projects such as a 3D printer for Royal Brompton Hospital that clinicians use to recreate their patients' hearts to help with diagnosis. 

Double lung transplant recipient Douglas Forbes, who is the club's deputy chair, said: "We aim to help improve quality of life by promoting rehabilitation and providing a support network."

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