More than a Hospital: our new podcast

Our new podcast, 'More than a Hospital', delves into the untold and inspiring stories of the people at the heart of our hospitals.

In each episode, host Oli Lewington, who received a double lung transplant at Harefield in 2007, interviews a guest with a particular connection to Royal Brompton Hospital and Harefield Hospital, sharing the story that forged their experience. From patients and visitors, to staff and volunteers, we discover and celebrate the people that bring to life our hospitals' distinguished reputation and sense of community. 

You can find each episode below, or listen to the episodes on AcastSpotify or Apple.

Latest episode

Episode 4: Professor Andrew Bush

Following news that the sale of disposable vapes are to be banned in the UK in an attempt to crack down on the rise of vaping among children, Professor Andrew Bush, consultant paediatric chest physician at Royal Brompton Hospital, gives his take on the news, and talks about his ongoing campaign to introduce legislation that would ban the advertising and promotion of e-cigarettes to children.

Previous episodes

Episode 3: Krishna Patel

Coinciding with Heart Month 2024, transplant recipient Krishna Patel speaks about his heart transplant journey, which followed in the wake of a cardiac arrest in 2022 when he was just 40 years old. 

Episode 2: Jullien Gaer

Jullien Gaer, consultant cardiac surgeon at Royal Brompton and Harefield hospitals, tells the story of his time in Afghanistan during the height of the Afghanistan war, when he became involved in the development of a cardiac unit at a hospital in Kabul. 

Episode 1: Professor Sir Magdi Yacoub

Marking the 40th anniversary of his carrying out Europe's first ever heart-lung transplant, Professor Sir Magdi Yacoub shares the story of the ground-breaking operation that heralded a new era for organ transplantation, as well as for Harefield Hospital.

More than a Hospital: Trailer

Host Oli Lewington introduces our new podcast, 'More than a Hospital', in which we delve into the stories of the people at the heart of our hospitals.