Nurses talking As a foundation trust, we are governed by an elected council of governors and independently regulated by NHS Improvement. We have around 11,000 members who we regularly consult on Trust strategy and service planning. 

Royal Brompton & Harefield NHS Foundation Trust has been an independent legal entity with a unique governance structure since 1 June 2009. The powers of the Trust are set out in the National Health Service Act 2006, as amended by the Health and Social Care Act 2012. The Trust governance arrangements are enshrined in the Royal Brompton & Harefield NHS Foundation Trust Constitution and include the Trust membership, the council of governors and the board of directors. 

The Trust board plays a key role in shaping the strategy, vision and purpose of the organisation. Board members are responsible for assuring that risks to the Trust and the public are managed and mitigated effectively. Led by an independent chair, and comprised of a mixture of both executive and independent non-executive members, the board has a collective responsibility for the performance of the organisation. 

The council of governors, which comprises both elected and appointed parties, challenges the board and holds the non-executive directors to account for the board's performance. The elected parties are drawn from the membership and the appointed parties represent key stakeholders. Members are drawn from three constituencies: patient, public and staff. Independent regulation of the Trust is undertaken by NHS Improvement. 

The council of governors appoints the external auditor. A sub-committee, the nominations and remuneration committee, consider the appointment of the chair and the other non-executive members of the Trust's board of directors. 

Management of the foundation trust is delegated to the Trust's board of directors. There are three formal committees of the Trust board: the audit committee, the risk and safety committee and the nominations and remuneration committee. 

Quality account

The Trust is required by law to produce a Quality Account, which is an annual report to the public about the quality of services delivered. Our Quality Account for 2017/18 is available online and on the NHS Choices website. 

Read our full annual report and accounts for 2017/18 and for more information about our policy and performance

Full details of our board of directors and council of governors can be found online. 

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