A new study authored by Royal Brompton Hospital paediatric cardiology consultants, Professor Alain Fraisse and Dr Carles Bautista, in collaboration with the infectious disease department at St Mary’s Hospital (part of Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust) has been published in the journal Pediatrics. The study will help clinicians to identify which patients with a new syndrome, called paediatric multisystem inflammatory syndrome (PIMS-TS), will go on to become very sick and therefore what treatment is best for them. Read more
A Covid-19 patient at Royal Brompton Hospital who was on ECMO for more than 60 days, longer than any other patient treated at the hospital during the first wave of the pandemic, has thanked staff for performing ‘a miracle’ and giving him a second chance at life. Raj was admitted to the hospital with respiratory failure and put on ECMO - a form of life support. Staff were worried he wouldn't survive, however almost four months later, Raj defied all odds and walked out of hospital. He has spoken about his recovery and the care he received. Read more
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