About our reports

Report layout and content

Our reports are designed to provide simple, clear and accurate reports of our results. There will also be a basic interpretation of the findings when appropriate.

Please contact us for advice or to provide feedback on any aspect of our reports.

Clinical advice and result interpretation

You can get advice on the interpretation of patient results on weekdays from 9am to 5pm from:

  • Dr Paul Brookes (ext 85886)
  • Ms Anna Danskine (ext 83255)

At all other times, you can get advice from the on-call clinical tissue typist, via the switchboard.

We are committed to continuously improving the quality and range of services provided and we welcome any comments or suggestions. There is always the risk of failures in any service delivery and it is essential that these be reported to decrease the chance of recurrence, for improving the service and for compliance with clinical governance policy.  Please do not hesitate to discuss complaints with the head of laboratory.

View the Tissue Typing user guide (PDF, 454KB).