What our patients and members say

Hear what some of our patients and members have to say about our plans to join Guy's and St. Thomas' NHS Foundation Trust

"The concept of the whole function of the Royal Brompton moving to a new, bespoke, facility is a good one, as far as I can see - many of the Brompton’s facilities are, now, housed in buildings which are not best suited to a modern hospital, the buildings being older. I would not want to lose the specialism of the Brompton as a stand-alone unit though, wherever it may be".

Patient of 25 years at Royal Brompton Hospital 

"As two of my children will need lifelong care of their congenital heart disease I was impressed to hear about the plans for the future. It is easy to resist change, but this seems to be good planning for future care."


"I fully acknowledge and endorse the desire to ensure patient services continue and, where possible, improve and be enhanced, but having been a regular visitor since 1998 with my wife and increasingly so after her health began to deteriorate, I fell in love with the hospital and the superb care given and the reassurance felt when you walked through the doors. I know the hospital has to focus on patient care and not the romantic affection for those famous buildings held by us visitors...I am determined to support [Royal Brompton Hospital] now and in the future and will back the Trust to the hilt through the coming years." 

Trust patient member 

“I started with one major problem in my lungs but I have demonstrated that I am in fact the sum of many different parts – in fact a system of care. Compassion, collaboration and coordination of care closer to home have figured large in smoothing my passage and RB&HFT provided me with superb world class care but the story did not end there. What I have experienced first-hand as a patient and a nurse is how important it is to be cared for by coherent and integrated services that can meet many different needs at many different levels and can also provide coordinated aftercare to both local and more distant patients.”

Former patient