Care Quality Commission places our children's services in top six nationwide

Nurse giving a teenage patient an injectionYoung patients and their carers have rated the Trust a good place to be cared for in the latest national Children and Young People's Survey. 

The survey covers both inpatients and day cases and asks 63 key questions about the experience of being in hospital. 

The Care Quality Commission (CQC), which publishes the survey, identified the Trust as one of only five in England that performed "much better than expected" in the eight to 15 age category. 

The Trust's results were also "better than expected" for children aged up to seven years old. Combined, it means the Trust is one of only six nationwide achieving "much better than expected" results for young patients. 

There were also some significant improvements in the Trust's score since the previous survey two years before, including: 

  • 96 per cent of parents/carers rated their child's care as 7/10 or higher - up from 88 per cent in the previous survey. Nearly half rated their care a1 10/10. 
  • A 50 per cent increase in the number of parents who felt they were kept fully informed about their child's care - up to 96 per cent. 

The survey involved 132 acute and specialist NHS trusts across England. Key areas where our scores were significantly higher than other trusts included: 

  • how well staff kept young people and their families informed and involved in their care
  • how available staff were when a child needed attention, pain relief, or someone to play with
  • the level of dignity and respect shown to young patients and their families
  • the overall experience of receiving treatment in our hospitals. 

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