Simulation models

SPRinT simulation modelsThe SPRinT programme makes bespoke models for specialist cardiothoracic simulations. These models are used in our training courses and some are also available for hire or purchase.

TOM open chest model

TOM is the world’s first high fidelity patented emergency resternotomy model. TOM has been specifically designed to simulate emergency resternotomy for cardiac deterioration/arrest following cardiac surgery.

TOM is designed and developed by clinicians and educators. It is the only model on the market able to replicate the level of realism required to engage the whole multi-disciplinary healthcare team in emergency resternotomy.

TOM is ideal for team training within the cardiac intensive care and operating theatre setting, and is able to simulate a realistic tamponade or catastrophic haemorrhage.

Learn more about TOM, including how you can hire TOM.

Resternotomy skills trainer

The resternotomy skills trainer gives surgical staff the opportunity to practice the skills required for safe, fast resternotomy.

Learn more about the resternotomy skills trainer

Harley child resternotomy

Harley is the world’s first patient mannequin designed to recreate emergency care for child heart patients. He simulates a real-life chest opening, giving clinical staff the opportunity to experience first-hand the intricate care needed by children with heart problems.

The model was devised by Royal Brompton’s SPRinT team along with Health Cuts, a company specialising in prosthetics for medical training, TV and film.

Harley is used to train clinical staff so they experience first-hand the intricate care needed by children with heart problems.