Our vision and values

A nurse with a young patient

Our vision 

To be the UK’s leading specialist centre for heart and lung disease, developing services through research and clinical practice to improve the health of people across the world.

We will achieve this by:

  • improving patient safety and satisfaction
  • providing specialist treatments that others cannot offer
  • bringing innovation to clinical practice through our research partnerships
  • attracting, developing and retaining world-class clinical leaders
  • investing in services, technologies and facilities to support new service models at both sites

We are supported in this by active patient and community groups who enthusiastically encourage and challenge us to deliver our goals.

Our values 

At the heart of any organisation are its values: belief systems that are reflected in thought and behaviour. When values are successfully integrated throughout an organisation, the result is a shared outlook and consequent strength, from performance through the style of communications to the behaviour of employees.

Our values were developed by staff for staff. We have three core patient-facing values and four others which support them.

Our three core values are:

We care

We believe our patients deserve the best possible specialist treatment for their heart and lung condition in a clean, safe place.

We respect

We believe that patients should be treated with respect, dignity and courtesy and that they should be well informed and involved in decisions about their care. We always have time to listen. 

We are inclusive

We believe in making sure our specialist services can be used by everyone who needs them, and we will act on any comments and suggestions which can help us improve the care we offer.

The following values help us achieve our aim:

We believe in our staff 

We believe our staff should feel valued and proud of their work and know that we will attract and keep the best people by understanding and supporting them. 

We are responsible

We believe in being open about where our money goes, and in making our hospitals environmentally sustainable.

We discover

We believe it is our duty to find and develop new treatments for heart and lung disease, both for today’s patients and for future generations.

We share our knowledge

We believe in sharing what we know through teaching, so that what we learn can help patients everywhere.