Victoria ward

Victoria ward treats and cares for patients with acute respiratory conditions. We specialise in high dependency care, nasal ventilation, neuromuscular lung disorders, sleep studies many other respiratory diseases.  We have the largest home ventilation support programme in the UK.

When you arrive

The ward can be reached by lift and on arrival please report to the ward clerk at the reception desk near the lift. They will notify your named nurse and doctor of your arrival. 

Your nurse will show you the ward and will discuss with you your nursing care and any planned medical procedures. When you arrive you will be given our welcome pack, which contains useful information. 

Life on the ward

The ward cares for both men and women in single-sex rooms and there are single-sex washing and toilet facilities. The high dependency unit is a mixed-sex unit because of the necessity of close and continuous observation of patients. There are 19 beds on the ward, as well as four high dependency unit beds. 

We have a comfortable sitting room for you and your visitors. There is a drinks machine for patient use. We also have a purpose-built bathroom and toilet for disabled patients and a room set aside for multi-denominational prayer/quiet time. 

There are many television, video and DVD facilities on the ward and there are two public telephones for patient use on the ward.


The visiting hours are 8 am to 8 pm.

Visitors may be restricted in the high dependency unit at the nurses' discretion.

There is a protected rest period for the patients between noon and 2 pm where visitors are requested not to visit. 

Who you will meet on the ward

During your stay, you will meet a registered nurse who, in discussion with you, will assess your needs and plan your care.

You will also meet the medical team, and you may also meet other health professionals such as physiotherapists, occupational therapists, dieticians, clinical nurse specialists, respiratory support technicians, social workers, welfare officers and health psychologists.

Charge nurse: Paul Lidgate

Sleep studies

We are one of the largest centres in the UK for the study and treatment of sleep-disordered breathing.  We have four dedicated rooms where patients stay overnight in comfortable conditions while their sleeping patterns are monitored. Each room shares a shower room with one other room. 

What to expect

Read about one patient's experience of coming into hospital for a sleep study 


Level 2, Fulham Wing, Royal Brompton Hospital, SW3 6NP

Telephone: 020 7351 8067