Transplant unit (Rowan and Fir Tree wards)

We admit patients for assessment for transplantation, patients on the waiting list, following transplantation, re-admissions, and patients fitted with a left ventricular assist device (LVAD). 

Our services include the artificial heart service and recipient transplant coordination departments. Post-discharge care following transplant is carried out by our transplant clinic. 

We have extended care facilities for single system failure patients requiring invasive support. We are the first cardiothoracic centre to offer haemofiltration and the short term Levotronix device on a ward setting within HDU.

We promote self-care to allow our patients to become confident and independent.  We work to help our patients understand their treatment and make the most of their new life.

When you reach the ward

On arrival please report to the ward clerk's desk. They will let the nursing staff know you are here so they can show you to your room, or the waiting area while your room is prepared.

Life on the ward

Each room on the transplant unit is furnished to a high standard, with a fridge, fan and telephone (for incoming calls only, though we can provide a paying facility for outgoing calls). All rooms also have a television, some with a video or DVD player and a radio with CD player. 

A patient waiting room is also available with television, phone and computer with games

The ward has a laptop computer that can be loaned to patients during their stay - though we do ask you to follow our rules on proper use.

To help you pass the time we also have numerous hand-held and board games. We are in the process of building up a DVD/CD library. We can also arrange access to talking books for the blind.

The ward also has a laptop computer specifically for patient education use.

Who you will meet on the ward

You will meet a variety of nurses while on the ward, including our senior nurse/modern matron, nurse consultants, clinical nurse specialists and educators and student nurses.

Alongside the doctors and nurses in charge of your care, your recovery will be supported by our physiotherapists, dietitians, pharmacists, occupational therapists and psychologists. 

If you feel your care could be improved by seeing any of the above specialists, please do not hesitate to ask your medical team.

You might also meet social workers, a welfare benefits officer, our ward clerks, healthcare assistants, housekeepers and the domestic staff who keep our wards clean and running smoothly.


  • Breakfast 8am
  • Lunch 12pm
  • Supper 6pm

We also operate a protected mealtime policy so that you are able to enjoy your food without interruptions, either by visitors or in order to attend other departments.


Rowan and Fir Tree wards have an open visiting policy. Relatives are encouraged to leave by the early evening to allow patients to settle for the night.


Rowan and Fir Tree wards, Ground and First floor, Harefield Hospital, UB9 6JH

Telephone: 01895 823 737 - request 'bleep 6303'
Matron: Helen Doyle

Beds: There are 17 beds on Rowan ward and 16 beds on Fir Tree ward, with another bed for overnight sleep studies