Acute cardiac care unit (Acorn and Oak wards)

What we do

The acute cardiac care unit is committed to providing a high standard of care by considering all your needs. 

We have patients on the unit receiving a variety of cardiology investigations and treatment. These range from elective admissions through to emergency cases that arrive by ambulance.

When you arrive on the ward

When you arrive on the unit you will be met by an ‘admitting nurse’ who will be responsible for planning your care. 

As a patient, you will have a nurse assigned to you. He or she will take charge of your care and make sure your recovery goes as planned.


  • Breakfast – 7.30am to 8.30am
  • Lunch – 12 pm to 1 pm
  • Supper – 5.30pm to 6.30pm

Before and in between mealtimes there are also hot drink and biscuit breaks.

Visiting times

10am - 1pm and 3pm - 8pm

Life on the ward

We are a mixed sex unit. Every effort is made to separate male and female patients, but sometimes due to the clinical need of patients, this may not be possible.

The wards are divided into bays and single rooms in which we can care for up to 50 patients. Nursing staff are allocated to care for a bay of patients and have the facilities to look after those in beds, chairs, on trolleys or whatever their clinical need may be. All our bed/trolley/chair spaces have cardiac monitoring facilities available.

The majority of our qualified nurses have completed specialist courses relating to the specific clinical area you are being treated for. All aspects of care on the unit are overseen by our matron.

Who you will meet on the ward

Our ward sister, senior staff nurses, staff nurses and healthcare assistants will be responsible for your day-to-day care.

Doctors will see you at different times of the day depending on your individual needs.

There are four medication rounds a day, carried out by the nursing staff, who will give you your medication and discuss your needs. These happen at approximately 8am, 12pm, 6pm and 10pm.

You will also meet our pharmacists who will talk to you about your medications. Our rehabilitation team will work with you to help you back to the fullest possible health. 

Patient telephones

Oak Ward

We have several phones for patients, which can be rung by dialing Oak Ward 01895 828648/828667 and asking for one of the following extensions:

  • Bay 1 - 86590
  • Bay 2 - 85928
  • Bay 3 - 86591
  • Bay 4 - 85100
  • Bay 5 – 85227

We ask that calls to these telephones are only used during the following times:

  • 8.30am to 1pm

  • 3pm to 9pm

Discharge (going home)

On the day of your discharge, you will be reviewed by a member of the discharge team. You may be asked to vacate your bed and wait in the dayroom. If you need to be seen by a doctor prior to your discharge this will be arranged.

To make sure that you leave hospital with the right information you will need to stay on the unit until a nurse has spoken to you and given you all the information you need.

Please arrange for a relative or friend to collect you. Unfortunately, we cannot provide you with transport home unless you have a medical need for this.

Contact numbers

  • Oak - 01895 828667/01895 828648
  • Acorn – 01895 828121
  • You can also contact Mandy Brown, the ward's modern matron, by phoning 01895 823737 and asking for 'bleep number 6436'.

Acute cardiac care unit

Matron: Mandy Brown
Location: Ground floor 
Telephone: 01895 828 667/01895 828 648 

Beds: 32 beds on Oak ward, 18 beds on Acorn ward