Cherry Tree day case unit

Opening times 

The ward is open between 7.15 am and 8 pm.

The team on Cherry Tree day case unit cares for patients who have procedures or treatments where the recovery time needed is generally short, meaning that they can go home later the same day. 

We care for patients having procedures related to:

  • cardiology

  • cardiac surgery

  • respiratory medicine

  • thoracic surgery

  • heart and lung transplantation.

We always try to separate male and female patients to either side of the unit. In some situations, this may not be possible. If this is the case, we will make every effort to ensure your privacy and dignity is protected at all times.

Before coming to the day case unit

Please have a shower or bath before you come into hospital. Depending on your procedure, we may also ask you to have a shower when you arrive at the unit.

Please bring with you to hospital:

  • a dressing gown

  • a pair of slippers that have a good grip and provide support to the foot

  • all the medication you are currently taking.

You are not allowed to drive for a period of time after your procedure, so please arrange for someone to pick you up from the hospital. 

Unfortunately, we cannot provide patients with transport home unless this has already been arranged with the transport desk. Read more on our limited provision of hospital transport.

Your procedure

We try to complete day case procedures as early as possible, but sometimes we may need to carry out your procedure later in the day.

This may happen if other patients need emergency treatment. We apologise in advance if your procedure is affected in this way.

Eating and drinking

A member of staff will let you know if you can eat or drink before your procedure.

We serve hot drinks at various times during the day. We will also provide you with a snack box that may include a sandwich, fruit, yoghurt, crisps or cake. You can select items from the menu when you arrive at the unit.

After your procedure

After your procedure, you will need to rest on the unit for a period of time. Sometimes we may also ask you to walk around the ward area for a while so we can continue to observe your recovery.

A doctor will usually see you later in the day to check on your recovery and review your medication. If any changes are needed, we will get the new prescription from the hospital pharmacy. However, if the pharmacy is closed we will let you know where you can get your medication.

Going home

Before you leave the unit, we will give you information about your aftercare and any follow-up appointments you may need. We will also advise you of any change to your medication. It is important that you see the nurse before leaving to make sure you have all the information you need. 

Relatives and friends

A relative or close friend can come to the day case unit with you. He or she can wait with you while you recover from your procedure or treatment. Hot or cold meals and drinks are available on site from the League of Friends pavilion or the Hungry Hare restaurant.

Admission to hospital

The day case unit closes at 8 pm. If you need to stay in hospital longer so we can continue to monitor your recovery, we will transfer you to one of our inpatient wards.

Cherry Tree day case unit


Mandy Brown

First floor, Harefield Hospital, UB9 6JH

There are 16 day-case beds on this ward