Peak flow measurements 

You will be shown how to use a simple device known as a peak-flow meter, and make measurements with it every two hours for about a month. We appreciate that this requires quite a lot of work from you, but it is a very important test which helps us to reach a diagnosis in many cases.

You can bring this record to clinic with you or send us a copy in advance, either by email, fax or in the post (please keep a copy if you post it, in case we do not receive it).

Peak flow measurement form (PDF, 40KB)

Occupational lung disease covers a broad group of conditions caused by the inhalation of dusts, chemicals, or proteins.

Clinical team


Professor Paul Cullinan
Consultant in occupational lung disease and severe asthma 

Dr Jo Szram  
Consultant in occupational lung disease 

Dr Bernie Graneek  
Consultant in occupational medicine  

Dr Johanna Feary 
Senior clinical research fellow in occupational lung disease and severe asthma

Dr Sara De Matteis 
Clinical lecturer in occupational medicine

Clinical nurse specialists

Julie Cannon
Bernadette Fitzgerald

Clinical administrator

Anju Mittu