We are one of Europe’s largest centres for the diagnosis and treatment of heart disease. 

We are internationally recognised as leaders in the development of minimally invasive therapy for coronary heart disease.

Valve repair or replacement

We have over 40 years' experience in valve replacement, pioneering treatments that are now standard. Cardiac surgeons specialising in adult cardiac surgery perform hundreds of valve replacements and repairs each year, with excellent success rates. 

Heart bypass surgery

We perform the full range of revascularisation procedures to restore blood flow to the heart, including coronary artery bypass grafts (CABG) and robotically assisted keyhole surgery. 

Detecting narrow or blocked arteries

Advanced X-ray imaging, including three-dimensional investigation of arteries with specialised equipment available at both hospitals. Our teams of cardiologists, nurses, radiographers and cardiovascular technicians performed over 2,899 angiograms in 2014/15.

Treating narrow or blocked arteries

We have seven purpose-built catheter laboratories where we widen arteries through angioplasty or stenting. We are experienced in these procedures for both single and multiple blood vessels. In 2014/15 our specialists performed over 2,344 coronary angioplasties.

Abnormalities of heart rhythm

We are a major centre for the detection of heart rhythm abnormalities using electrophysiology studies - we undertook 136 of these in 2014/15.

Our procedures include radio frequency ablation, to treat electrical malfunctions of the heart through high powered radio waves.

We are experienced in fitting pacemakers and implantable cardioverter defibrillators (ICDs). Our specialists fitted 3,395 of these in 2014/15.

Surgical intervention for heart failure

As well as our renowned transplant work, we are pioneering the use of 'artificial hearts' (left ventricular assist devices, or LVADs) to support failing hearts. 

Congenital heart disease

We treat congenital heart disease patients from before birth to adulthood and have one of the largest adult congenital heart disease units in the country.

Homecare for cardiac surgical patients

Our nurses have pioneered homecare support that allows some patients to return home four or five days after their operation. The patient then continues to receive care through home visits by their nursing team. 

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Heart failure means the heart has become less effective in pumping blood around the body.